Vagiwell Dilators 1–5 Premium Kit

Vagiwell Dilators 1–5 Premium Kit

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Vagiwell® Dilators are medical grade silicone dilators for personal dilation exercises.

Vagiwell® Highly recommended by gynaecologists, female sexual rehabilitation therapists and specialist female pain physiotherapists from around the world.

Unlike many of the cheaper plastic dilators commonly available, Vagiwell Dilators are softer, more flexible and gentle to use. As such, women requiring dilator therapies feel more calm and confident in their use; and are more likely towards maintaining treatment exercises as prescribed by their sexual health physicians.

Developed by women, Vagiwell® are for women who want to loosen their vagina themselves by means of stretching exercises.

There are many situations that can cause the vagina to be too tight: Vagiwell® Dilators are suitable for being used to help stretch the vagina in all of the following situations.

  • After having given birth, scarring following surgical cuts to the perineum (epistomy) or perineal tears
  • Long-term radiotherapy or chemotherapy cancer treatment
  • After vaginal surgery involving tightening of the vagina and scarring
  • Other personal reasons why the vagina feels too tight
  • Vaginismus (tightening of the vaginal muscles) • Narrowness of the vagina (virginity) or hitherto unstretched vaginal walls
  • Lichen slerosus
  • Following gender reassignment surgery (male to female) and keeping the artificially constructed vagina “open”
  • Pain during gynaecological examinations involving the use of a speculum
  • Pain inserting tampons
  • Pain during sexual intercourse due to too tight a vagina. In cases of vaginismus, the vagina is not stretched as much, but the dilators are used so as to render vaginal insertion painless.

Dilator Dimensions:

Size Colour Diameter A/B Length C
Size 1 Light blue 12/14 mm 122 mm
Size 2 Mint green 16/18 mm 135 mm
Size 3 Purple 20/22 mm 150 mm
Size 4 Pink 24/26 mm 163 mm
Size 5 Beige 28/30 mm 177 mm