Tenga Flip Hole (Avail. in Red, White Silver & Black)

Tenga Flip Hole (Avail. in Red, White Silver & Black)


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The Tenga Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art masturbation appliance for men. The device has three buttons along the side that create separate, individually controlled actions at different points along the shaft - massaging the penis head, sucking at the base & controlling the pressure inside.

The Tenga has been recommended to been used by men that have reported experiencing low levels of physical response (orgasm) during normal masturbation or during coital activity. They have also been used by men that have reported tissue soreness whilst masturbating, or being masturbated by a partner.


Inside the Tenga Flip Hole, are stimulating textures on either side. Made up of densely packed protrusions, ribs and a fan-shape sector, the whole toy is designed to amplify levels of penile stimulation.

Tenga Flip Hole

Following use, the Tenga Flip Hole opens fully allowing for easy and thorough cleaning. Simply rinse with warm water and leave the device to dry. For added safety and hygeine, we also recommed that men also use a cleansing product such as the Fleshwash Anti Bacterial Toy Cleaner.

Made of high quality materials and packaged in a stylish black case, the Tenga Flip Hole comes complete with 3 Tenga lubricants designed to work in harmony with the Flip Hole - Mild, Real, and Wild.

The Details:

  • Size: 85×68×175mm - fits up to 6.5" inside and 2.5" in diameter
  • Material: Silicone elastomer
  • Use ONLY water-based lubricants (included)